Jean Marc Belkadi Slap & Pop Technique for Guitar PDF

Jean Marc Belkadi - Slap & Pop Technique for Guitar

Jun 1, 2023

Jean Marc Belkadi Slap & Pop Technique for Guitar PDF. The purpose of this book is to provide a fresh perspective on the subject of funk guitar. For years, I played funk the way most guitarist do - with a pick. This sounds is certainly a staple of funk music and a must-learn for all serious funk guitarists. After becoming increasingly interested in funk bass players and the techniques they used, however, I began experimented with slap and pop techniques (commonly used with bass) in my guitar playing. Influenced by players such as Louis Johnson, Yanic Top, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten, and Cevin Eubanks, I began imitating the sounds I heard from them on my guitar. Years later, I found that, although funk is an obvious choice, this techniques can be applied to many styles. Throughout this book, we'll also see it applied to R&B, Motown, Reggae, and Latin styles. We'll also cover odd meters and straight-ahead funk-rock grooves. When it's all done, you'll have a new vocabulary of techniques to incorporate into your own playing.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 24 pages

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