James P. Johnson The Piano Rolls PDF

James P. Johnson - The Piano Rolls

Aug 29, 2022

James P. Johnson The Piano Rolls PDF. 17 rags, blues & stride piano solos from original piano rolls. Book of 17 accurate piano transcriptions from James P. Johnson original piano rolls. Transcribed and arranged by Paul Marcorelles.
The pianist James P. Johnson created Stride piano by developing the game of the great Ragtime pianists in a less restrictive music. He started to play in bars, cabarets and rent-parties, and quickly became famous for his virtuosity and his compositions.
James P. Johnson's playing can be recognized by his light touch and a rhythmic, almost percussive game. His dexterity and his unusual inventiveness make him a piano virtuoso, the first "real" jazz pianist whose musicality managed to grow over generations.

Songs include:

  • Mama's Blues
  • Caprice Rag
  • Steeplechase Rag
  • Stop It
  • Carolina Shout
  • Eccentricity
  • It Takes Love To Cure The Heart's Disease
  • Dr Jazzes Raz-Ma-Taz
  • Roumania
  • Arkansas Blues
  • Joe Turner Blues
  • Harlem Strut
  • Railroad Man
  • Black Man
  • Charleston
  • Harlem Choc'late Babies On Parade
  • Sugar

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 137 pages

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