Jake Shimabukuro Play Loud Ukulele

Jake Shimabukuro - Play Loud Ukulele

Jan 5, 2024

Jake Shimabukuro Play Loud Ukulele download. The young Hawaiian ukulele phenom in a program with three parts: interviews and performance footage from Japan including "Sunday Morning," "Equator," "Crazy G" and more; an in-depth instructional section detailing his dazzling technique; and three music videos - "Toastman's Dilemma," "Wish On My Star" and "Crosscurrent".
Jake Shimabukuro is an unbelievable ukulele player and a fantastic guy. This DVD is definitely for advanced players. He demonstrates some very difficult techniques that would take most people years to master. He shows you the techniques one time and then plays them at full speed! Beginners & intermediates might find this a bit frustrating but the DVD will definitely show you the unlimited possibilities and potential of the ukulele.
Quality is good. You get to watch his CrossCurrent Concert, interviews, three videos,and a learning section. He teaches you his strumming techniques... and they are advanced. This isn't traditional Hawaiian music - this guy jams and shreds on the ukulele.
This is a great video for intermediate players who want to kick up their strumming proficiency in a dramatic way. These are good techniques that anyone can use to illustrate various songs, even if they're not played as fast as Jake plays.
The teaching part is fun, helpful and quite short but packed full of Jake style playing that is useful for a player of ANY level who is willing to take the time to go through it step by step and not rush it. He teaches several of his strumming techniques that are pretty unique to his play but really simple when slowed down, with little exception. He then teaches you how to play "Yesterday" the Beatles classic in his interpretation. Everyone has different learning styles but you might find it easy to pick up watching him.
IN ANY CASE, if you play or not if you are a fan GET THIS DVD for the Live Footage and Videos.

Language: English
Year: 2004
Country: USA
Running time: 01:28:00
Quality: DVDRip
Video: DivX, 777Kbps, 720x480, 29.96fps
Audio: Mp3, 320Kbps, 44KHz, Stereo
Booklet: No
Size: 739 Mb

Jake Shimabukuro - Play Loud Ukulele
Jake Shimabukuro - Play Loud Ukulele
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8 comments on “Jake Shimabukuro - Play Loud Ukulele”

  1. I want to register but it always says "You must complete the CAPTCHA form." and I don't know why

  2. Thank you very very much. The sounds this young man can get from such a small instrument is mind blowing.

  3. Thank you. The lesson part audio is out-of-synch a fair bit, but the content is still understandable. 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for this! i saw one part of the videos on youtube and i needed to look for it! Seeing that there aren't many resources for ukulele players online i thought it'd be hard trying to find this but i found it on my first try! Thank you very much.

  5. Thanks a lot!
    That's what I'm looking for, I will be more appreciate if this can download in splited parts... T-T

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