Guthrie Govan Creative Guitar 2 Advanced Techniques PDF

Guthrie Govan - Creative Guitar 2: Advanced Techniques

Mar 14, 2021

Guthrie Govan Creative Guitar 2 Advanced Techniques PDF. Tired of the old ways of playing? Want to break out of a guitar rut? Learn to play rock guitar like a horn section, or a synthesizer or even like a drummer. Aimed at providing advice and direction for the frustrated guitarist, Guthrie Govan focuses on how you can expand your potential by refining your playing techniques, allowing you to tackle more complex riffs and solos.
Using some of the most influential rock players of our time this book explains how to develop a more accomplished style, providing advice on borrowing licks from other instruments and using exotic scales, with each example played on the accompanying instructional CD.
Guthrie Govan is a noted guitar instructor through his work with the magazine Guitar Techniques. You can download guitar techniques magazine back issues in the "Magazines" category.
The second book, however, is truly scary! Amongst other things covered here are 8-finger tapping, and techniques to emulate other instruments on the guitar. Any advanced guitarist who is starved of inspiration will find plenty of great ideas right here.
The two books (both with accompanying CDs) run the spectrum of every innovative guitar technique that you can actually think of. Probably one of the best instructional books on guitar.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 132 pages

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