Guitar World September 2009 PDF

Guitar World September 2009

Jun 5, 2022

Guitar World September 2009 PDF and Mp3 CD complete issue, cover to cover. Guitar World is a monthly music magazine devoted to guitarists. It contains original interviews, album and gear reviews and guitar and bass tablature of approximately five songs each month.
Guitar World - the world's number one guitar magazine - is a monthly publication for guitarists of all levels, as well as for fans of metal, rock, emo, blues and other styles of guitar-based music. Covers the hottest new guitar players and classic guitarists, with a focus on their music, instruments, and lifestyle. In-depth interviews and features, transcriptions of new and classic songs, private guitar lessons, product reviews and columns written by top players in each of the major music genres.

Guitar World September 2009 contents:

  • Transcriptions (bass lines included): "Divinations" by Mastodon; "Bludgeoned to Death" by Suicide Silence; "I'm Going Home" by Ten Years After; "Round and Round" by Ratt; "Ten Years Gone" by Led Zeppelin;
  • Kings of Leon - With Only by the Night, a southern change comes at last as Kings of Leon take their rock in a new direction.
  • Suicide Silence are the stars of deathcore's dark firmament. With No Time to Bleed, the pressure is on to shine even brighter. PLUS Bring Me the Horizon hate the term "deathcore." But when it comes to extreme metal, they kill.
  • Jimmy Page, the Edge and Jack White. Larger-than-life guitarists Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White make a big noise in It Might Get Loud, a documentary that explores the electric guitar through each man's music and experiences. Guitar World sits down with the trio for a high-level discussion.
  • Spinal Tap - On the 25th anniversary of their debut, Spinal Tap resurrect their career with Back from the Dead. GW plugs in and guitarist Nigel Tufnel speaks volumes.
  • Woodstock's 40th anniversary. For three days in August 1969, America's youth culture came together for Woodstock, an event that marked the peak of the country's counterculture revolution. On the eve of its 40th anniversary, Carlos Santana, Pete Townshend, John Fogerty and other guitar heroes recall their moments at the world's greatest music festival. PLUS A new documentary reveals previously unseen Woodstock performances.
  • The Anniversary of Gretsch - From Bo Diddley to the Beatles to U2, Gretsch guitars have been a key part of rock and roll's big explosion. Guitar World celebrates more than 125 years of the company's universal magic.
  • Tune-UPS: Guitar Center King of the Blues, Longwave, Hill Country Review, Daath, The Devil Wears Prada, Dear Guitar Hero with Queensryche's Michael Wilton, Shinedown's setlist, and more!
  • Betcha Can't Play This with Tony Smotherman
  • Soundcheck: Taylor T3/B semihollowbody electric guitar, Orange Dual Terror head, Fender '57 Champ combo, Eventide PitchFactor Harmonizer pedal, and Morley GLW2 George Lynch Dragon 2 and KIKO Kiko Loureiro signature wahs
  • Cheap Thrills Ernie Ball Power Peg
  • Bass Desires MXR M-288 Bass Octave Deluxe pedal
  • Tech Education Some serious necking
  • GWS complete guide to guitar cables - Everything you need to know about cables, from the inside out.
  • A vulgar display of power: The onstage rig of Mastodon's Bill Kelliher
  • Shred Alert with Paul Gilbert
  • The Alchemical Guitarist with Richard Lloyd
  • Time to Burn with Michael Angelo Batio
  • Talkin' Blues with Keith Wyatt

Original CD mp3 Tracks included. Video lesson enclosed.
Text Format PDF, 111 pages

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