Paul Gilbert Presents Shred Alert

Guitar World - Paul Gilbert presents Shred Alert

Oct 30, 2017

Paul Gilbert Presents Shred Alert is the only DVD to feature all the columns and video tutorials from the acclaimed Guitar World columnist. You’ll learn how to take your lead guitar playing to the next level with position shifting, alternate picking, 16th-note runs, muting techniques and much more! With more than two hours of lessons, Paul Gilbert Presents Shred Alert is the ultimate shredding lesson from one of the world’s most influential guitarists.
Brilliant DVD as to be expected from Paul Gilbert who consistently introduces new techniques and insight into this limitless instrument. Packed with different methods of playing the scales with a mathematical approach for "shredders" but also very tasteful and adaptable to many styles. For lack of a better phrase, Paul doesn't just give you a fish, he teaches you how to fish.
Further, included on the disc is the tab for every example that Paul shows. I haven't watched an instructional DVD for a while and this may be a standard inclusion these days but it was fantastic to be able to simply sit back and watch the DVD without pausing after every example.
Highly recommended for the intermediate player through to the advanced player who is getting board with running up and down modes.

Contains these lessons:

  • Alternate Universe: Using alternate picking and note skipping to play interesting arpeggio patterns
  • Ready to Rumble: Quick, effective pick-hand warm-up exercises
  • Ready to Rumble, Part 2: More pick-hand warm-up exercises
  • Assume the Position: Using position shifts to your advantage when soloing
  • Accentuate the Positive: Alternate picking with accent patterns
  • Fast and Clean: Alternate-picked 16th notes - the business card of shred guitar
  • Stick Yer Neck Out: Using neck diagrams to your advantage
  • Shape Shifting: How to organize patterns on the fretboard
  • Snake-Charmer Licks: The fifth mode of harmonic minor
  • United Mutations: Mastering muting techniques
  • Breakin’ Out: The blessing and benefits of live performance

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Language: English
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Running time: 2 hours
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 720x480 ~8200 kbps NTSC 4:3 29.970 fps
Audio: AC3 2 ch 192 Kbps 48.0 KHz
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 3.5 Gb

Guitar World - Paul Gilbert presents Shred Alert
Guitar World - Paul Gilbert presents Shred Alert
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  1. ¿Quién me puede ayudar con varios vídeos? Novafile me saca los problemas de los problemas porque intento descargar gratuito! Por favor y gracias!

  2. Love Paul Gilbert, funny and an excellent guitar teacher! Thanks for the great share!

  3. paul gilbert great musician, I would like if you could post a tribute to jimi hendrix paul gilbert played by, thank you thank you very much not the musicians would we do if there were no faststrings. :punk:

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