Guitar World March 2007 PDF

Guitar World March 2007

May 13, 2022

Guitar World March 2007 PDF and Mp3 CD complete issue, cover to cover. Guitar World is a monthly music magazine devoted to guitarists. It contains original interviews, album and gear reviews and guitar and bass tablature of approximately five songs each month.
Guitar World - the world's number one guitar magazine - is a monthly publication for guitarists of all levels, as well as for fans of metal, rock, emo, blues and other styles of guitar-based music. Covers the hottest new guitar players and classic guitarists, with a focus on their music, instruments, and lifestyle. In-depth interviews and features, transcriptions of new and classic songs, private guitar lessons, product reviews and columns written by top players in each of the major music genres. Guitar World March 2007 contents:

  • Transcriptions (Bass lines included): "Oh, Pretty Women" by Van Halen, "Top Jimmy" by Van Halen, "Snow (Hey Oh)" by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, "Viscera Eyes" by the Mars Volta, "Jordan" by Buckethead
  • Senses Fail - After years of label and interband problems, New Jersey's Senses Fail find inspiration and harmony in the dueling lead guitars of southern rock for their latest screamo-fest, Still Searching.
  • Eddie Van Halen - With the release of the EVH Frankenstein replica, Eddie Van Halen at long last reveals the secrets behind his homemade guitar and the other gear that helped him create his famous "brown" sound.
  • Two-handed tapping - Associate editor Andy Aledort demonstrates how to tap EVH style in this complete hands on lesson. PLUS Herman Li, Alexi Laiho, Teppei Teranishi and a host of today's top tappers reveal the secrets behind their technique.
  • EVH replica - Chip Ellis of the Jackson/Charvel Custom Shop reveals the secrets behind the EVH replica guitar.
  • Celtic Frost frontman Thomas Gabriel Fischer talks about his troubled past and his group's return from obscurity with last year's brilliant Monotheist.
  • Sounding board - Letters to the Editor & Defenders of the Faith
  • Tune UPS - Nuno Bettencourt and Perry Farrell ready Satellite Party debut, new Hendrix "authorized bootleg," Shinedown on USO tour of Iraq, Stone Sour's set list, GW Inquirer with Dragonforce's Herman Li, Dear Guitar Hero with Jason Becker, Machine Head, Drake Bell and more!
  • Betcha Can't Play This with Alex Skolnick
  • Record Reviews: Young Buckethead, Volumes 1 & 2 DVD, Brand New, moe., Otep, Bob Margolin and Dustin Kensrue
  • Soundchecks - First Act Garage Master and Volkswagen GTI, Dunlop Cry Baby SW-95 Slash wah, MXR EVH-117 Flanger, James Trussart Deluxe Steelcaster and Marshall's RG-1 Regenerator modulator, RF-1 Reflector reverb, EH-1 Echohead delay pedals
  • Playing the Market - The inside scoop on vintage gear
  • Cheap Thrills Maxon OD-9+ overdrive pedal
  • New EQ What's new and cool in the world of gear
  • Audio File Fender Princeton Recording-Amp combo
  • Tech Education - Differences between fixed and trem-style bridges
  • A Vulgar display of power
  • A complete overview of Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser's live rig
  • Axendancy by Trivium
  • Shred Alert by Michael Angelo Batio
  • Morse Code by Steve Morse

Original CD mp3 Tracks included. Video lesson enclosed.
Text Format PDF, 188 pages

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