Guitar Techniques January 2014 PDF

Guitar Techniques January 2014

Feb 18, 2021

Guitar Techniques January 2014 PDF and Mp3 CD download. Take the UK’s foremost guitar teachers and players, and transfer their finesse and passion for music into a magazine! The magazine has established itself with guitarists who wish to better themselves as musicians in both the UK, Europe and as far afield as the USA and Hong Kong! When it comes to choosing music, GT’s Abba to Zappa policy means that there’s always something for everyone! We take pride in providing the most accurate transcriptions around, and cover a full range of styles. Every month we feature full transcriptions of guitar songs and instrumentals in every genre, from blues and rock, to acoustic and jazz. All the music in the magazine is included on a cover-mounted audio CD, complete with backing tracks and video master class to let readers play along. You may download Guitar Techniques previous issues here.

Guitar Techniques January 2014 (#225) contents:

  • Fluent and Fabulous. Learn to play legato guitar. Fusion maestro Allen Hinds shows how to use legato techniques to produce fluid and articulate guitar lines.
  • Jeff Beck - Over The Rainbow. Jon Bishop transcribes Jeff Beck's awesome instrumental version of one of the most famous songs of all time.
  • Delay. Enrich your guitar sound! From subtle rockabilly slapback to The Edge's wall of guitar sound, Jon Bishop has all aspects of delay guitar covered for you! you! you...!
  • Elgar - Nimrod. Bridget Mermikides arranges and transcribes a haunting little gem from Edward Elgar's celebrated Enigma Variations.
  • Our music editor Jason Sidwell introduces this month's feature packed Lessons section.
  • 30-Minute Lickbag. BIMM's Terry Lewis has six more licks for you in easy, intermediate and advanced flavours!
  • Blues. Wheaty shows us how to play the rhythm styles of the mighty Jimi Hendrix.
  • Rock. Martin Cooper plays some stinging guitar in the style of The Scorpions' Matthias Jabs.
  • Creative Rock. Shaun Baxter concludes his series on intervallic soloing with a look at the perfect octave.
  • Hot Country. Andy Saphir meets another modern country superstar, the feisty Carrie Underwood.
  • Prog. Paul Bielatowicz waxes lyrical about the guitar skills of Rush's Alex Lifeson.
  • Jazz. Pete Callard outlines the guitar style of unsung jazz hero, Barry Galbraith.
  • Acoustic. Stuart Ryan continues his series on singer-songwriters with the popular Mumford & Sons.
  • Rockschool. Charlie Griffiths continues his A-Z with Q for Quartal harmony, Quarter tones, Quavers, Quindicesima and Quintuplets!
  • Video masterclass. Robben Ford part 2. Robben shares more of his bluesy secrets with you, plus an bonus jam piece!

Text Format PDF, 100 pages. Original CD mp3 Tracks included. Video lesson enclosed.

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