Guitar Play-Along Volume 2 - Acoustic

Guitar Play-Along Volume 2 - Acoustic

Apr 30, 2016

The Guitar Play-Along series will assist you in learning to play your favourite acoustic numbers quickly and easily! Just follow the tab, listen to the CD, to hear how the guitar should sound, and then play along using the separate backing tracks.The melody and lyrics are also included in the book in case you want to sing, or simply to help you to follow along. An enhanced CD lets you listen at your own speed, and in your own time. With eight classic examples of the finest acoustic guitar music, this is a must for beginner guitarists who want to start playing their favourite songs straight away.
Great classics for the acoustic. Very well arranged, sounds just like the originals. Just keep in mind, the music is pretty much identical to the guitar parts in the original. You will have to sing to supply the melody. Every guitarist should have some ability to sing. Btw, a couple of pieces require knowledge of finger picking like "Dust in the wind" and "Blackbird".
This is a great book to keep your acoustic chops up. If you get bored with playing scales and arpeggio study and would rather practice by playing songs this is a great tool.

Songs include:

  • Angie - The Rolling Stones
  • Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
  • Best Of My Love - Eagles
  • Blackbird - The Beatles
  • Dust In The Wind - Kansas
  • Layla - Eric Clapton
  • Night Moves - Bob Seger
  • Yesterday - The Beatles

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

*In some cases CD is embedded in the PDF. Recommended software - Adobe Reader. Click the symbol "Clip" in the Adobe Reader to view attached Mp3 files.

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7 comments on “Guitar Play-Along Volume 2 - Acoustic”

  1. well well ... i will read this book and to learn how to play the big players on guitar

    thanks for sharing

  2. I love rock n roll, I´m playing guitar 20 years ago. So I love that!!

  3. Hey, guys, this is some really cool material to have if you enjoy the acoustic guitar like I do.Thanks alot for sharing and as always this site just continues to impress me. Thanks again and I will definitly enjoy this download.CHEERS!

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