Guitar Play-Along Volume 100 B B King PDF

Guitar Play-Along Volume 100 - B. B. King

Nov 9, 2020

Guitar Play-Along Volume 100 B B King PDF. The Guitar Play-Along series will help you play your favourite songs quickly and easily. Just follow the tab, listen to the CD to hear how the Guitar should sound, and then play along using the separate, sound-alike backing tracks! Melody and lyrics are also included in case you want to sing, or to simply help you follow along. The CD is playable on any CD player, and is also enhanced so Mac and PC users can adjust the recording to any tempo without changing the pitch! This collection is an ideal follow-on course to John Ganapes' fantastic Blues You Can Use book.
8 popular B.B. King songs in both standard and tab notation. The transcriptions contain everything B.B. plays as well as the lyrics. Although I have not gone through every transcription note-by-note and compared them to the original B.B. King version, the transcripts appear to be reasonably accurate. Besides, I doubt that B.B. plays the song note-for-note the same as every time.
The CD provides complete run-through of each tune (without vocals) with guitar, rhythm section, and where necessary a brass+reed section. After playing the tune the first time, the tune is repeated without lead guitar. This second run-through is your opportunity to play the lead. As a learning aid the disc can be slowed down without pitch change when played on any PC or Mac (the software to do this is provided on the disc.)

Songs include:

  • Just Like A Woman
  • Paying The Cost To Be The Boss
  • Please Accept My Love
  • Rock Me Baby
  • Sweet Little Angel
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Why I Sing The Blues
  • You Upset Me Baby

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Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 59 pages

CD is embedded in the PDF. Recommended software - Adobe Reader.

Click the symbol "Clip" in the Adobe Reader to view attached Mp3 files.

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  1. Thank you. BB King is the reason why I started playing guitar.

  2. Hi, I have tried to load and just in last seconds....Failure of the network....Sorry but I laugh because It's not the first...everytime in the last of 3 o 4 seconds.... thanks anyway....

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