Guitar One January 2001 PDF

Guitar One January 2001

Aug 10, 2021

Guitar One January 2001 PDF download. Guitar One Magazine is an engaging, hands-on guide for guitarists eager to learn about their instruments and the guitarists they admire. The world's greatest guitarists, bands, and music educators offer our readers exclusive interviews, feature lessons, tips and insights. For both the beginning players and the improving amateurs, Guitar One magazine will play with your mind and soul, help to expand your skill and appreciation. Guitar One gives readers tons of useful information on every page, including the most accurate and comprehensive sheet music available in both tablature and standard notation. Plus "Basic Training," "Riff Box" and "Soloing Strategies," which offer useful musical examples and insider tips that will take players to the next level.

Guitar One January 2001 contents:

  • Noise & Feedback
  • Opening Axe - Al Di Meola
  • Riff Box: Rage Against The Machine - Ten Greatest Riffs from Rap-Rock's Pioneers
  • Lesson Lab: Warming Up - Calisthetics for the Right and Left Hands
  • Guitar School: Yngwie Malmsteen - Dale Turner sat down with Yngwie for an awesome, in-depth lesson on the Swedish superpicker's harmonic-minor madness. Who better to learn that from than the man himself?
  • Linkin Park - After Brad Delson's band hit the big time, the guitarist had to choose between going to law school and becoming a professional musician. What would you choose? Story by Tom Lanham
  • 3 Doors Down - On his eye-opening trip to Mississippi, Features Editor Bob Gulla discovers, among other things, that the state's best-known band in decades is hands-down better than he expected. And the hitmakers are Just getting started.
  • Delta Blues Cartel - In a GuitarOne exclusive, Dave Rubin sat down with the Delta Blues Cartel-Robert Lockwood Jr. Henry Townsend, Homesick James, and Honeyboy Edwards-for a funny and revealing discourse on blues, guitars, and the ubiquitous specter of Robert Johnson.
  • Acoustic Cafe by Michael Mueller - Acoustic Slide Guitar: Tips and techniques to get you playing the blues
  • Guitar Archives by Dave Rubin - Pickin' and Grinnin': Country music fingerstylists of the past and present
  • Chops Shop by Tom Kolb - Major Pentatonic Pizzazz: Uncommon applications of a common five-note scale
  • Fret Buzz by Dale Turner - "Footprints": A jazz classic arranged for solo guitar
  • Collective Soul - Why Pt.2
  • John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom
  • John Coltrane - Giant Steps
  • Christopher Parkening - Leyenda
  • George Lynch - Mr. Scary
  • Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog
  • AC/DC - Meltdown
  • Grateful Dead - Sugar Magnolia

Text Format PDF, 80 pages

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  1. i've been trying to find this fret buzz column for 10 yrs since i lost my copy of the magazine

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