Guitar One December 2006 PDF

Guitar One December 2006

Oct 27, 2021

Guitar One December 2006 PDF download. Guitar One Magazine is an engaging, hands-on guide for guitarists eager to learn about their instruments and the guitarists they admire. The world's greatest guitarists, bands, and music educators offer our readers exclusive interviews, feature lessons, tips and insights. For both the beginning players and the improving amateurs, Guitar One magazine will play with your mind and soul, help to expand your skill and appreciation. Guitar One gives readers tons of useful information on every page, including the most accurate and comprehensive sheet music available in both tablature and standard notation. Plus "Basic Training," "Riff Box" and "Soloing Strategies," which offer useful musical examples and insider tips that will take players to the next level.

Guitar One December 2006 contents:

  • John Petrucci - Like you, we've always dug the work of Dream Theater's John Petrucci, which is why, at long last, we've made him our marquee cover boy. G1 Editor in Chief Michael Mueller, one of DT's biggest fans, escorts Petrucci through a look back at his illustrious 20-year career, then gets the guitarist to show you all the killer techniques you need to play his brilliant solo in "Under a Glass Moon"
  • Paul Gilbert - It was 20 years ago that co-cover artist Paul Gilbert debuted with the monstrous Racer X, his Olympian dexterity intimidating guitar players everywhere. Today, countless notes later, the spindly picker has done something he's never done before: issue a disc of instrumentals. Gilbert tells our own speed picker, West Coast Editor Dale Turner, why it took him so long to do such a project, then gives us a pick-melting lesson!
  • World Guitar - As the world's universal instrument-and we're not just being biased (much)—the guitar is represented in a variety of forms, which together create an incredible, well, universe of styles. Bob Keelaghan takes a virtual trip across the world of guitar to show you how players everywhere are putting new twists on ancient instruments.
  • Steve Miller - Beyond the ginormous hitmaker he's become, Steve Miller is, and has always been, a first-rate axeman, having learned from Les Paul and T-Bone Walker, and worked in an array of styles-from Texas and Chicago blues to San Francisco psychedelia to pop and classic rock. Want to know the rest of Steve's story, and what makes him a guitar hero? Check out Bob Gulla's surprising interview.
  • Jeff Beck - Cause We've Ended as Lovers
  • Papa Roach - To Be Loved
  • Kenny Burrell - Well You Needn't
  • The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar
  • Top 10 TV Guritar Themes
  • Soloing Strategies - Buddy Guy
  • Rhythm Methods - Piano Voicings for Guitar
  • Simon & Patrick Showcase Acoustics
  • Gretsch Eleciromatic Corvette
  • Moolon Pedals
  • Music Man John Petrucci
  • Xotic Overdrive/Boost Pedals
  • Line 6 Tone Core Modules
  • Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff
  • Planet Waves SOS Tuner
  • Acoustic Cafe - Open D Tuning
  • Guitar Archives - James Honeyman-Scott
  • Basic Training - Add Chords (Part 1)
  • Return Of The Shred - John McLaughlin
  • Last Licks - T-Bone Walker

Text Format PDF, 90 pages

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