Guitar Lessons Genre Bluegrass Volume 2

Guitar Lessons - Genre Bluegrass Volume 2

Dec 27, 2022

Guitar Lessons - Genre Bluegrass Volume 2 download free. An old fashioned style of country music dating from the late 1930s pioneered by Bill Monroe (who invented the name) and Roy Acuff. While some people believe it to be the traditional music of the Appalachian mountains, it's basically what country music was like before influences from jazz, blues, and pop came in. Most popular in Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee and Virginia. In bluegrass the guitar fiddle and banjo are the most important instruments and there is no drumming nor percussion.
It has had a small but devoted following outside of the South for years, and despite being associated with toothless inbred hicks to some is a genre very highly respected by musicians - not just country musicians but rock and even jazz musicians. Often used in films and TV set in the South, in the last few years it has undergone a massive revival in popularity worldwide because of the film "O Brother Where Art Thou".
Starting with History, teacher will cover many aspects of Bluegrass techniques, the role of Bluegrass instruments, then move into some great Bluegrass songs.

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  • History and Influence of Bluegrass
  • Bluegrass Instruments and Influence
  • Bluegrass Chords
  • Right Hand Techniques
  • Right Hand Boot Camp
  • Crosspicking Techniques
  • Common Bluegrass Scale Exercise
  • Bluegrass Ornaments
  • Bluegrass Right Hand Rhythm
  • Left Hand Boot Camp
  • Nine Pound Hammer
  • Texas Gales
  • Cross Picking: Home Sweet Home

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Guitar Lessons - Genre: Bluegrass Vol. 2

Guitar Lessons - Genre: Bluegrass Vol. 2

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