Guitar Legends #97 2007 Eric Clapton PDF

Guitar Legends #97 (2007) - Eric Clapton

May 12, 2023

Guitar Legends #97 2007 Eric Clapton PDF. Guitar Legends magazine PDF download. The complete story of the original guitar hero featuring 5 spectacular interviews. Plus, Clapton looks back at his encounters with Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix, talks to B. B. King and pays tribute to Robert Johnson.
Guitar Legends Magazine is a special choice magazine for everyone who likes to read about master guitarists of all times. There comes some top class features with excellent collection of photos, interviews and exclusive features on guitarists.Every issue of this magazine has transcriptions of five songs. You will find the tablature of the songs, which you can play at your leisure. If you have been looking for great songs to practice on your guitar, this magazine delivers you some nice choices.
This magazine features only the legends. The true legends that have made their mark on the world of music get due attention through this magazine. Every issue of this magazine has the special choice read on all time favourite guitarists.

Guitar Legends #97 (2007) - Eric Clapton contents:

  • Transcribed - "After midnight", "Layla" (unplugged), "Sunshine of your love", "White room", "Cocaine"
  • Crossroads - A brief history of the life and evolution of Eric Clapton.
  • Strange brew - Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker gave birth to the power trio, redefined rock improvisation and sold millions of albums. For all their success, nothing could stop the Cream from curdling.
  • Time piece - Blues purist, Guitar god. Pop star. Eric Clapton has been all these and more. In this exhaustive, wide-ranging interview, rock's great survivor reflects on his tumultuous journey.
  • The artist formerly known as god - On Pilgrim, Eric Clapton demonstrated that there's more to salvation than a heavenly guitar solo.
  • Blues power - In 1988, on the verge of his commercial and artistic rebirth, Eric Clapton paused to reflect on the music of his  past and the invigorating force of his first love: the blues.
  • Amazing Grace - In a world exclusive interview with MTV Unplugged producer Alex Coletti, Eric Clapton discussed the tragedy and triumphs that inspired the record of the year.
  • Fit for kings - On the 2000 album Riding with the King, Eric Clapton and B. B. King pooled their legend - ary blues talent for an epic release 30 years in the making.
  • The King and I - On 2004's Me and Mr. Johnson, Eric Clapton paid tribute in words and song to his hero, Robert Johnson, the King of the Delta Blues Singers.

Text Format PDF, 89 pages

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