Guitar Techniques August 2007 PDF

Guitar Techniques August 2007

Jan 2, 2024

Guitar Techniques August 2007 PDF and Mp3 CD complete issue, cover to cover. Take the UK's foremost guitar teachers and players, and transfer their finesse and passion for music into a magazine! The magazine has established itself with guitarists who wish to better themselves as musicians in both the UK, Europe and as far afield as the USA and Hong Kong! When it comes to choosing music, GT's Abba to Zappa policy means that there's always something for everyone! Future Music brings you the most in-depth news and reviews from respected industry professionals. We'll also give you all the advice you need to get the most from your current set-up, and interviews with musicians at the cutting-edge of technology.

Guitar Techniques August 2007 (#142) contents:

  • Matt Schofiled: Ear to The Ground. With this sophisticated melding of blues sensitivity and jazz-like harmonies, Matt Schofiled is making waves in Britain and beyond. Mick Taylor bones up on his altered dominants and minor seven flat fives...
  • Gary Moore Style. Here's a guitarist who excels in almost any style of rock, fusion or blues guitar. Richard Barret looks at one of the finest six-stringers to hail from British isles.
  • Feel The Force. The Police: De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da. Over their six-year career, The Police became the most successful pop-rock band of their time. To coincide with their reformation, Steve Alsworth guides you through a 'new wave' classic.
  • Hail The King! Dire Straits: Calling Elvis. This later Dire Straits track showed Mark Knopfler's country-rock leanings. Jon Bishop brings you Mark's great rhythm chops, some pseudo Paul Franklin pedal steel lines and 'that' breakdown lick...
  • Hubert Sumlin. The sound of Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters defines Chicago blues. When these legendary figures wanted guitar, they went to one man, Hubert Sumlin. John Wheatcroft wakes up this morning.
  • Rock n' Roll rebel. He may not be Randy Rhoads or Zakk Wylde, but as Jonny Scaramanga discovers, Ozzy's third most famous axeman is no slouch either.
  • Voodoo Vibe. One of the most influential electric guitarists of all time, Jimi Hendrix redefined the way the electric guitar was played. Jon Bishop uncovers his unique rhythm style.
  • Greece is the world. In this installment of our World Guitar series, Tolis Zavaliaris investigates traditional music from Greece, and how it can be added to the modern guitarist's list of ingredients!
  • 'Madchester' Guitar. The dance grooves of the mid-90s 'Madchester' scene were fuelled by the chiming rhythms and distorted solos of The Stone Roses' John Squire. Bridget Mermikides takes a trip 'oop north'
  • Legato part 2. Want you rock playing to sound silky smooth? Then stick with Shaun Baxter as he forays into the slick world of hammer-ons pull-offs.
  • Mattias IA Eklundh part 2. In the final installment of Mattias IA Enkludh's exclusive video masterclass, Tolis Zavaliaris discovers the secrets behind the harmonic and rhythmic approaches to Mattias's distinctive style.
  • Bill Frisell's Chord style part 2. Dubbed the Clark Kent of the electric guitar, Bill Frisell is one of the giants of modern jazz. This month, Pete Callard looks at his distinctive chord style and hears more from the man himself.
  • Bob Brozman Slide. Resonator genius Bob Brozman's music spans the world, from the blues of the Mississippi Delta to the complex rhythms and harmonies of Indian music. Stuart Ryan whips out his slide.
  • Exam Revision. In the final installment of GT's guide to RGT Grade 5. Examinations Director Tony Skinner provides a summary of all the topics that will be tested in the exam.

Original CD mp3 Tracks included. Video lessons included
Text Format PDF, 63 pages

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