Guitar Techniques April 2006 PDF

Guitar Techniques April 2006

Dec 7, 2023

Guitar Techniques April 2006 PDF and Mp3 CD complete issue, cover to cover. Take the UK's foremost guitar teachers and players, and transfer their finesse and passion for music into a magazine! The magazine has established itself with guitarists who wish to better themselves as musicians in both the UK, Europe and as far afield as the USA and Hong Kong! When it comes to choosing music, GT's Abba to Zappa policy means that there's always something for everyone! Future Music brings you the most in-depth news and reviews from respected industry professionals. We'll also give you all the advice you need to get the most from your current set-up, and interviews with musicians at the cutting-edge of technology.

Guitar Techniques April 2006 contents:

  • Gary Moore: Don't Believe A Word - This masterful track transcribed by Dave Kilminster
  • Europe: The Final Countdown - This great '80s romper will get your fingers flying
  • Blues Playing: Nailing the changes - An essential feature to make you sound like a pro!
  • Win CDs, DVDs, T-shifts & books - Answer one simple question and you could get our bumper bundle delivered to your door!
  • Katie Melua - Talk and tab Nev Marten and Jason Sidwell
  • Co-pilot Sidwell navigates you through this month's lessons section
  • Rock - Queens Of The Stone Age
  • Rhythm - King's X Drop D Tuning
  • Raga Rock - Indian Rhythmic Moves
  • Jazz - Michael Brecker Sax Style Part 3
  • Creative - Spicing Up Your Pentatinics
  • Rock'n'Roll - The Great Buddy Holly
  • Acoustic - Stuart Ryan tabs his tune, The Coast Road
  • Exclusive masterclass from: Mike Stern - We're pleased to bring you one of the world's top quitarists in the field of jazz/blues/fusion. His harmonic knowledge is unsurpassed and his technique and tone are to die for. What are you waiting for?

Original CD mp3 Tracks included. Video lessons included
Text Format PDF, 62 pages

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12 comments on “Guitar Techniques April 2006”

  1. Hi, I am looking for the audio for tracks 17-18 (Play the blues Solo 3 Mixolydian) Unfortunately I lost the CD. Are those tracks still available?

  2. Hello. Just trying to understand the process : I opened an account and tried to download GT April 2006 the next page then advised I had to be a Premium Member and the Fees/ charges were shown on the same page. However the last line on the info page for GT April 2006 reads:
    "Download Guitar Techniques April 2006 free and other lessons from our site" Is there a free component or do all downloads have a price tag ?
    Great facility all the same! Regards Reinier (Rainman)

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