George Heussenstamm Harmony & Theory Part 1 PDF

George Heussenstamm - Harmony & Theory Part 1

Mar 16, 2021

George Heussenstamm Harmony & Theory Part 1 PDF. Diatonic. George Heussenstamm, composer of more than 85 published works and author of The Norton Manual of Music Notation, taught college-level theory for several decades. Unable to find what he considered a suitable text, he wrote his own, honing it through practical classroom experience.
This book is designed for anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of music theory, whether beginner or more advanced. The first two chapters deal with music fundamentals, and may be skipped by those with music reading experience. Each chapter contains many examples that clearly illustrate the concepts presented. Written exercises at the end of each chapter allow the reader to test and apply their knowledge.
This is a no-nonsense book about music theory that will explain and provide examples of all the basic concepts you need to know. Each chapter provides a number of exercises at the end for putting the theory and concepts into practice. If you are a musician, then many of the concepts will seem familiar, as if you are just "putting a name on" something you know from performing music. Very well written, there is no "fluff" in this book, and often the concepts are described in succinct numbered lists of rules. Easy to read and provides many "a-ha" moments when putting the concepts into action. Highly recommend.

Topics include:

  • basic music-reading instruction
  • triads in root position
  • triads in inversion
  • cadences
  • non-harmonic tones
  • the dominant seventh chord
  • other seventh chords
  • and more

Format: PDF, 137 pages

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