Gary Kelly Contemporary Rock Styles For The Bass PDF

Gary Kelly - Contemporary Rock Styles For The Bass

Jul 7, 2021

Gary Kelly Contemporary Rock Styles For The Bass PDF. The Collective Contemporary Styles Series. This book and CD combination are about the styles and grooves that make up the full array of today's rock scene. If you want to be a well-rounded, well-trained musician, this has all the material you need to know! You will also get insight into the constant cross-fertilization of sub-styles that make rock a rich and exciting musical genre.
The book breaks down rock into fifteen of the most important sub-styles. For each sub-style, you get a comprehensive lesson centering on a fully notated "chart" of the music on the CD. The CD contains a performance demo and then a version without the drums for you to play-along. With the sound of the music in your ears, you can study and practice the technical aspects of performing the rhythms in each style.

Rock styles covered:

  • Straight-Eighth-note Feel with Stop Time
  • Medium Rock Stomp
  • Rock Ballad
  • Funk Rock
  • Heavy Rock
  • Traditional Shuffle
  • Hard Rock Shuffle
  • 12/8 Slow Blues (minor)
  • 2-Beat
  • Train Beat (Country Shuffle)
  • "Bo Diddley" Beat
  • New Orleans Second Line
  • Up-tempo Rock-Swing with Stop Time (Rockabilly)
  • Reggae, Rockin' Odd Meters

The material in The Collective Contemporary Styles Series represents many years of work on the part of many talented Collective faculty members, who have had the experience of playing and teaching these styles to literally thousands of young rhythm-section musicians over the last thirty years. This series is the fruit of their labor and talent with the information presented in a manner that is easy to grasp. Enjoy and learn the music by listening with big ears and practicing with focus. When studying, keep in mind that it's always about the music and never just about the technique.
Each style section contains: Historical references and background; Useful information and explanations about sub-style; Notated musical examples of the style for bass; Additional exercises - and alternative variations; Important performance tips; Discographies and Bibliographies; Demonstration performances and play-along tracks on the CD.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 40 pages

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