Gary Chester – The New Breed PDF

Gary Chester - The New Breed

Feb 11, 2023

Gary Chester The New Breed PDF. Systems for the Development of Your Own Creativity. Gary Chester was one of the busiest studio drummers of the '60s and '70s and played on hundreds of hit records. His systems have been used and endorsed by drummers such as Kenny Aronoff, Danny Gottlieb, and Dave Weckl. This is not just another drum book, but rather a system that will help you develop the skills needed to master today's studio requirements. By working with this book, you'll improve your reading, concentration, coordination, right and left-hand lead, and awareness of the click.
Regardless of style, this book can help your set playing. New Breed provides a novel approach to developing four way coordination on the drum set, and it includes exercises that will improve your reading, execution and creativity. It is not meant to be breezed through, and unless you're remarkably coordinated, you won't breeze through it. It definitely breaks the direct "here are some beats for you to practice" approach. New Breed is a good tool for developing technique - especially limb independence, but it is also an excellent resource for developing creativity. This book also will help you to improve your time, if used correctly. If you are a beginner, it will probably be a bit too much for you, but intermediates and advanced drummers will be pleasantly challenged. If you don't read music, you'll need to learn in order to work this program.
This book makes you become a sight reader on the drumset. It's one of the hardest drum books out there. It was voted one of 25 best drum books by Modern Drummer Magazine. The author of this book spent fifty years playing drums for many recording studios before he published it. If you're a drummer at any level, but haven't have the chance to check out this book, try to check it out soon.

Format: PDF, 48 pages

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