Gary Chester The New Breed 2 PDF

Gary Chester - The New Breed 2

Feb 29, 2024

Gary Chester The New Breed 2 PDF. This sequel to The New Breed is a more advanced book that teaches a method for learning total independence and creativity. It was started by Gary Chester and completed by his student Chris Adams after Gary's death. Topics covered include: cross bonuses, wac-a-chuck bonuses, disco, funk, swing, 8th-note triplet bonuses, 16th-note triplet melodies, odd times, and much more. Includes a special tribute to Gary Chester.
This book is definitely not for beginners or amateurs. It is an in depth study of independence by one of the great studio legends. Gary Chester has taught well known drummers such as Dave Weckl, Kenny Aronoff and Danny Gottlieb. This is definitely a challenge for any drummer regardless of their experience. The exercises contained in this book are designed to open the players imagination. It is an excellent challenge and it is a must buy for anyone with professional drumming aspirations. Be forewarned it is not an easy book to master!
The greatest book for developing your four limb independence and improvisational skills. This book is a must read for any drummer that has professional aspirations.
If independence and reading chops are your goal, which they should be at some time in your drumming training, then this is an excellent book! Like a Ted Reed Syncopation this book is open ended and you can take these exercises, which are basically playing patters with the hands and reading the melodies with the bass drum, and turn them around dozens, if not hundreds of ways. The very challenging part is singing what he refers to as the melodies while playing the patterns. Gary gives a set number of ostinatos for the right and left hand to play while reading the melodies but you can substitute ones of your own and still accomplish a lot. In all honesty this one book could challenge you for a lifetime if you apply it in different ways.
Gary Chester's The New Breed II is a wonderfully difficult follow-up to his first New Breed. He was a genius in his ability to show drummers exactly where the "weak spots" are in their playing, and most importantly how to heal those problem areas, and move on to greater creativity. His exercises are very "dense", i.e., one works on many different aspects of drumming simultaneously, thus giving a big "bang for the buck" with respect to practice time. This book is a must for any serious student of the drumkit!

Format: PDF, 90 pages

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