Gary Chaffee Rhythm and Meter Patterns PDF

Gary Chaffee - Rhythm and Meter Patterns

Aug 25, 2019

Gary Chaffee Rhythm and Meter Patterns PDF. The four-volume Patterns series by Gary Chaffee is one of the most contemporary and comprehensive drum methods available. Endorsed by many of today's top players, the books cover a wide range of materials, and will help students develop the kinds of skills necessary for drum set performance. The Patterns books are designed to be used in any order, or in combination with one another. A must for the serious student. Rhythm & Meter Patterns deals with a comprehensive examination of rhythmic and metric materials, including such things as odd-rhythms, polyrhythms, mixed meters, metric modulation and the like.
The stuff in this book is from basic to quite advanced and useful on Polythythms and Metric Modulations. This book will give you a good understanding of Rhythms and how they are created and on the CD that comes with the book Gary plays the key exercices from the book. Apart from the exercices there is a lot of Rhythm Theory here so you're knowledge of Rhythms will certainly increase by going through this book. See also his other books and the books by Peter Magadini and Gavin Harrison.
Gary Chaffee's Rhythm & Meter Patterns is a great study. It aims to help you gain dynamic and rhythmic control with all odd and even subdivisions up to 8 per beat. The study does not focus on just one surface (such as the snare) but the entire drum set. The included CD is also very helpful with this; it is very much like having Chaffee as an instructor to explain how to apply these studies on the drum set AND play the ideas for you.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3), 82 pages.

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13 comments on “Gary Chaffee - Rhythm and Meter Patterns”

  1. Can not download this. Could you please upload it in Novafile, thank you very much

  2. this is a brilliant book and series. as a bassist it really opens up the dialogue with the drums.

    thanks to gary!

  3. Admin, I sent you the liks already, tell me if there is any problem.

  4. Thanks again.....any chance of getting all four books in the series and the CD?........pretty please? :punk:

  5. Thanks guys...been tryin to get this....stellar job!!! :yourock:

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