Garry Chaffee - Technique Patterns

Garry Chaffee - Technique Patterns

Jun 4, 2022

In Technique Patterns, the student is challenged with a variety of routines designed to increase technical in the hands and feet. Included are exercises on finger control, endurance, multiple-note playing, hand-foot combinations and more. The Patterns Series The four books contained in the Patterns series have been designed to help students in developing an awareness of the types of materials currently being used in contemporary music drum performance. Through the books, many suggestions will be made concerning how these materials can be applied to the drum set. Students should feel free to experiment with these possibilities, as well as any other ideas that they may come up with.
It is important to understand that the books are not sequential and can be worked on in any order. Also, it is not necessary to complete one book before moving on to the next. The various topics that are presented can be worked on in whatever order is the most appropriate for the individual student.


  • Exercises On Finger Control
  • Endurance exercises
  • Single Stroke-Double Stroke exercises
  • Multiple Note exercises
  • Hand/Foot Combinations
  • Stickings

Format: PDF, 85 pages

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13 comments on “Garry Chaffee - Technique Patterns”

  1. Que la bendición de los comunistas recaiga sobre ustedes. Gracias.

  2. gracias por el libro, es uno de los mejores que existe para tecnica... saludos

  3. espero aprender um pouco mais sobre musica.obrigado esta porta ao conhecimento.

  4. great book! the patterns series is truly challenging for any drummer at any level.
    and great job faststrings.

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