Fred Sokolow Rockabilly Guitar PDF

Fred Sokolow - Rockabilly Guitar (Book + 3 CD)

Sep 17, 2022

Fred Sokolow Rockabilly Guitar PDF. For rockabilly guitar lovers is presented the book Fred Sokolow - Rockabilly Guitar. In support of the book's contents, the three companion CDs contain three full hours of note-by-note, phrase-by-phrase instruction. Focused lessons address: 12-bar blues, blues scales, triplets, shuffles, licks and more. All of these elements are then utilized in solos designed to implement the techniques learned. Each solo is presented in standard notation and tablature.
The 1st CD - First Position Licks: learn the key of E and A bluesy licks, boogie bass lines, backup figures, turnarounds & fingerpicking patterns that are the foundation of rockabilly guitar.
The 2nd CD - Playing Up The Neck: chords & chord families that allow you to solo all over the fretboard, movable fingerpicking licks, movable boogie bass, chord-fragment licks. Soloing & backup in any key.
The 3rd CD - Putting It All Together: movable blues/rock scales (single & double note)...combining fingerpicking, scales & boogie bass.
This is a good way to get started if you're looking to learn some basics of rockabilly guitar. This will give you everything you need to get started playing some of the earliest hits of the genre. There are no actual songs in the set, so you should probably get something like the rockabilly bible in order to learn the real songs.
The first CD jumps right in the middle of things so there is a definite assumption that you already know the basics. So if you've been playing and understand chord structure and the blues scale, you'll be able to grasp what is being taught. Most of the stuff that is shown is almost immediately transferable to the early rockabilly hits.
On the cd's you'll find much more than the examples in the book. Fred explains each lick/progression carefully. He starts with several boogie bass lines in the key of E, than A, etc. The licks are simple, but not simplistic, and get progressively more complex. You really get that old rock feel. It's a lot of material, and you have to work hard, you won't get it quick. It's like a guitar course. You can easily transpose the licks to a more rock feel, or to a bluesy sound, cause it all comes from the same place, and yes, Fred also explains how to do that. You'll find licks, short songs and progressions with that old rockabilly feel, and a lot more.
It's a good start. Just don't expect to be Brian Setzer at the end of the third CD

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 39 Pages

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