Fred Sokolow Jazzing it Up PDF

Fred Sokolow - Jazzing it Up

Jan 5, 2022

Fred Sokolow Jazzing it Up PDF. How to Improvise with Jazz Chords on Guitar. A basic guide for learning to play jazz chord solos, chord backup, and improvising with jazz chords. Includes: 175 moveable chord shapes; chord construction; common chord progressions; and more. Complete with a dozen sample chord solos plus chord grids and a CD to help guitarists learn how to jazz up a chord solo.
This is one of Fred's best publications but not the only one. He has a huge collections of published books and this one is one of the best book published on the subject of chord melody.
Fred first gives you a collections (dictionary) of melody chords as references. As you play thru... the pieces in this book, one can refer back to the chord dictionary for other voicing possibilities.
Next Fred gives at least 15 chord melody concepts for arranging chord melodies: from direct substitutions to counter melodies. Each concept is illustrated and well explained.
Lastly, he uses traditional songs to illustrate how to apply the concepts. Songs includes Shenandoah, home on the range, dixie, amazing grace, and many others. Though he did not use Jazz standards to illustrate chord melody, these pieces still sound jazzified.
When you complete this book, you will be ready to harmonize any songs be-it, jazz or traditional.
This is a great book to start with if you are new to chord melody. he has other book on this subject but geared toward picking style chord melody. Thus, after learning from this book continue with his follow up DVD Jazz Chord Solos for Beginners... a fingerstyle approach.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 64 pages

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