Frank Vignola - 1-2-3 Jazz

Frank Vignola - 1-2-3 Jazz

Apr 25, 2018

Frank Vignola - 1-2-3 Jazz. Vignola's approach is simple and highly effective. First he'll teach you just three movable chords; a major 7th, minor 7th and a dominant 9th. These three chords alone will power you through hundreds of jazz standards and progressions.
Rhythm guitar and comping is next; Frank demonstrates and walks you through just three jazz rhythms: a swing, the Charleston and a Latin rhythm. Again, thousands of jazz tunes are played with these three jazz rhythms.
You'll then learn the rhythm guitar parts for six popular jazz standards; Ja Da, Bill Bailey, April Showers, Georgia On My Mind, Avalon and St. Louis Blues. Play-alongs for each tune assure that you'll nail the timing, rhythms and jazz feel for each part.
Finally, Vignola shows you how to learn a melody and then "jazz it up" using just three embellishments. You'll learn the melodies for all six standards and then learn how to solo over the tunes' progressions by simply jazzing up their respective melodies using Frank's three techniques.
Learn these three chords, three rhythms, three ways to jazz up melodies and you'll be well on your way to playing the rhythm parts, melodies and blowing solos for hundreds of jazz standards.
Frank provides tab and standard notation for everything but urges you to use your ears to get the melodies, rhythms and embellishments in your head. Do that and you're home free.

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Language: English
Year: 2012
Country: USA
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Frank Vignola - 1-2-3 Jazz

Frank Vignola - 1-2-3 Jazz

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