Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Volume 12, Number 3 PDF

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Volume 12, Number 3

Feb 28, 2024

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Volume 12, Number 3 PDF + Mp3 CD. March - April 2008. Flatpicking Guitar Magazine is a bi-monthly publication dedicated to helping guitar players, from beginner to expert, increase their proficiency flatpicking the acoustic guitar. Each issue contains comprehensive instruction on flatpicking techniques as pioneered by great guitarists such as Doc Watson, Clarence White, Norman Blake, Tony Rice, and Dan Crary. Instruction, sheet music and articles cover all musical genres including bluegrass, old-time, folk, Western swing, gypsy jazz, new acoustic music, and acoustic rock. You’ll also find interviews with top performers, including tablature of their favorite licks and breaks, as well as a wide variety of columns written by an impressive group of contributors. An optional companion CD which demonstrates the techniques described in each issue is also available.
Because the magazine focuses on instruction, you’ll want to hold onto each issue for future reference.
The audio CDs feature each of our columnists and/or artists playing the tunes that are transcribed in the magazine at both slow and fast speeds.

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Volume 12, Number 3 contents:

  • Allice Stuart: "Big Boss Man"
  • Blues Rhythm
  • Flatpicking Profile: Dustin Benson: "Spring Creek Drive"
  • Andy Falco - Blues & Bluegrass: "Sittin' On Top of the World"
  • Catching Up with David Grier
  • CD Highlight: Brandon Adams & "Road to Columbus"
  • Coming Back by Chris Thiessen
  • Rhythm Guitar: "Honky Tonk" - Joe Carr
  • Beginner's Page: "Its Mighty Dark To Travel" - Dan Huckabee
  • Kaufman's Corner: "Mose's Blues" - Steve Kaufman
  • Taking It To The Next Level: "Nor'ester Blues" - John Carlini
  • Nashville Flattop: 12-Bar Blues - Brad Davis
  • Sharpening the Axe: "June Apple" - Jeff Troxel
  • The O-Zone: "Deep Ellem Blues" - Orrin Star
  • Tuxedo Blues & Hybrid Picking - Dix Bruce
  • Music Theory: "Zach's Blues" - Mike Maddux
  • Gospel Guitar: "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" - Harold Streeter
  • Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes: "Foggy Mountain Special" - Adam Granger
  • Swing LTD - Bill Bay
  • Eclectic Acoustic: "'64 DeSoto" - John McGann

Text Format PDF, 91 pages. Mp3 CD included.

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