Fareed Haque - Jazz Comping Survival Guide

Fareed Haque - Jazz Comping Survival Guide

May 3, 2024

All aboard! Fareed Haque's Jazz Comping Survival Guide is leaving the station. Throw your big jazz chord dictionaries out the window, forget everything you know about jazz comping, take a deep breath and buckle up - you're about to blaze through four years of undergraduate jazz guitar studies, two years of jazz grad school and a thousand gigs worth of experience in roughly four and half hours of interactive mind-meld with one of the most prolific, inventive, erudite and switched-on guitarists on the planet.
Guitar virtuoso and master educator Fareed Haque has worked with Sting, Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Holland, Joe Henderson, Joe Zawinul, Ramsey Lewis, Nigel Kennedy, Bob James, David Sanborn, many symphony orchestras and dozens of other well-known artists. He's performed all of the major guitar concertos and has had numerous modern works dedicated to him. Fareed currently holds an associate professorship in jazz and classical guitar studies at Northern Illinois University, tours extensively with his jam super-group, Garaj Mahal and has released nine recordings as a leader in various configurations.
"99.9% of the time, jazz guitarists are NOT hired for their solos, nor their amazing altered dominant crazy scales, but for their ability to groove, to swing, to lay down the chord voicings that are going to fill out an ensemble and frankly, make the leader sound good."
Fareed Haque's Jazz Comping Survival Guide is based on a very simple, yet far-reaching concept; building chords from the inside out. Your tutelage begins with basic guide tones and an intuitive system for building your chord vocabulary with extensions until you've rapidly acquired and have command of ALL of the chords and colors used by jazz guitarists.
Next stop; Fareed's Four principles of Chord Substitution, which he formulated to instinctively guide you to and through any modern jazz harmony you might encounter in four easy steps. Along the way, you'll develop a solid grip on tri-tone subs, leading chords, adding bass notes, extensions, inverting color tones, jazz blues harmony, various comping styles, and rhythmic patterns. You'll learn to apply these principles to all of the jazz progressions you'll explore to create unique and interesting accompaniments.
Fareed polishes off the journey with thirteen "Trade Secrets" that he developed over many years on the bandstand backing up vocalists and soloists; Slipping and Sliding, Tremolo, Walking Bass Lines, Bossa Comping, Guide Tones Combined with Melody, Horn Section Stabs and Imitation, Backgrounds, B3 Pedal Points, Harmonics, and Guide Tones Plus Three Extensions.

Language: English
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Running time: 190 min
Quality: DATA-DVD
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Audio: MP3 128 kbps 44100 Khz 2 ch
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  1. Thank you soooo much mate!!! :D. I've been searching this stuff but damn I can't find anywhere. Keep up the good work (Y)

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