Ed Fuqua Walking Bassics PDF

Ed Fuqua - Walking Bassics

Jul 29, 2022

Ed Fuqua Walking Bassics PDF. The fundamentals of jazz bass playing. This is a bass method book designed to help beginning bassists, or anyone wanting a solid foundation for creating walking bass lines. It covers all the basic principles of walking bass line construction, time feel tips, ear training, and transcriptions of every bass note the author plays on the accompanying audio file.
The book showing how to build a solid foundation walking bass line through harmonic progressions. Fuqua STRONGLY emphasizes HEARING what is going on and learning so completely that you can get your mind out of the way on an intellectual level and actually PLAY what you wish to express.
If you want to improvise great solos then start here. Eds book is chock full of goodies that will have you playing great bass lines with lots of confidence. Confidence because you know what you`re doing and why it works. From here you`re able to move on to more challenging ideas using improvisation as a vehicle to express yourself.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 58 pages

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