Ed Friedland Reggae Bass PDF

Ed Friedland - Reggae Bass

Aug 25, 2022

Ed Friedland Reggae Bass PDF. The complete guide to reggae and Jamaican bass styles, covering early ska, rock steady, roots reggae, dub, modern ska, dance hall, and more. The book includes performance tips and lessons, authentic grooves and riddims, standard notation & tab, and more.
If you are just getting into Jamaican music or know somebody who is you need to have this book. It will teach you how to play ska, rocksteady, dub and reggae. It's great for either novices or experts. It comes with a CD and you can jam along or create your own bass lines after you have learned the basic idea. Seeing both the notation and the tab written out helps in learning how these bass lines are born and how they work with each style.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 32 pages

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4 comments on “Ed Friedland - Reggae Bass”

  1. very happy about this discovery. came upon it looking for a book that I already have but to have in digital...holy good deal, Bassman!

  2. this is the first time of my visit that site. very much interesting i feel. I hope that site will be support me to be improve guitar knowledge.

  3. a very nice book, already in my bookshelf, but handy to have in digital format
    keep posting bass stuff !!!

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