Ed Friedland Building Walking Bass Lines PDF

Ed Friedland - Building Walking Bass Lines

Feb 8, 2022

Ed Friedland Building Walking Bass Lines PDF. A walking bass line is the most common approach to jazz bass playing, but it is also used in rock music, blues, rockabilly, R&B, gospel, Latin, country and many other types of music. The term 'walking' is used to describe the moving feeling that quarter notes create in the bass part. The specific goal of this book is to familiarize players with the techniques used to build walking bass lines and to make them aware of how the process works. Through the use of 90-minutes' worth of recorded rhythm tracks, players will have the opportunity to put the new learning directly into action. This book literally gives bassists the tools they need to build their own walking bass lines.
Friedland gives a brief overview of how to read notes on the electric bass, briefly discusses how to construct chords, and then launches into the clearest and most gradual explanation of how to walk over chord changes I've ever seen. He has a lot of "hands-on", play-along exercises at the end of each concept, and they're stripped of unnecessary complexity so you can see the concepts clearly.
A major strength of this book is how you see results in your playing immediately, which encourages you to keep practicing. It's important for anyone learning something for the first time to see immediate progress in their ability, and Friedland has written this book to achieve just that.
The exercises get more and more difficult as you go along, but were never out of reach for me. The end of the book gives the chord changes to 10 jazz standards.
Anyone who writes that this book is "too easy" or "too basic" is actually complementing Friedland, because it takes a master to dissect a complex topic into something everyone can understand.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 66 pages

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    is an excellent book for novice and mid-level bassists - Advanced

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