Drumeo Edge Courses Intermediate 5 Part 1

Drumeo Edge Courses – Intermediate 5 Part 1

Jul 21, 2022

Drumeo Edge Courses Intermediate 5 Part 1. Stop wasting your practice time on random drum lessons. With carefully designed video courses featuring the best teachers in the world, you’ll always know exactly what to work on for maximum results. Supercharge your drumming practice.
Play your favorite songs on the drums. Nothing is better than playing to real music! So you’ll love play-alongs for applying your new skills to songs – plus detailed song breakdowns for music by popular bands of all eras and styles.
Drumeo Edge is GUARANTEED to help you learn the drums faster with step-by-step lessons. Diversify your drum education with 100+ teachers. Play the songs and styles that YOU love the most.

Drumeo Edge Courses – Intermediate 4 Part 3

Intermediate 5 Part 1 course contains:

  • A Rhythmic Twist - Jeff Salem
  • Building Creativity With Groupings - Anika Nilles
  • Building Groove - John Blackwell
  • Compound Rudiments - Jason Sutter
  • Creating A Solo With The 6-Stroke Roll - Gergo Borlai
  • Creative Concepts With Diddles - Eric Moore
  • Developing Creative Drum Fills - Luke Holland
  • Dissecting Drum And Bass - Peter Szendofi
  • Drum Corps 101 - John Wooton
  • Evening Out Odd Time - Brandon Khoo
  • Expanding Your Drumming Vocabulary - Jim Riley
  • Exploring Afrobeats Around The Kit - Tosin Aribisala
  • Exploring The Hi-Hats - Gulli Briem
  • Fine Tuning Your Foot Technique - Bruce Becker

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Drumeo Edge Courses – Intermediate 5 Part 1

Drumeo Edge Courses – Intermediate 5 Part 1

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