DRUM magazine September 2016 PDF

DRUM! September 2016 (#243)

Jun 23, 2021

DRUM magazine September 2016 PDF download. The most fanatical drumming magazine on the planet. DRUM! is an educational drumming magazine. It features artist profiles, product reviews, lessons and advanced transcriptions covering rock, pop and related styles of music. In the 1990s it gained a reputation for its coverage of younger drummers in contemporary styles such as punk, rap-rock, and metal. It was the first magazine to feature artists such as Tre Cool (Green Day), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Travis Barker (Blink-182) and others on its covers.
A typical issue of DRUM! includes artist features and in-depth stories on topics such as playing techniques or new products. Additionally, it includes reviews of new recordings and drum products (cymbals, drums, hardware), short news items, career and health tips, and challenging lessons.

DRUM magazine September 2016 (#243) contents:

  • Chad Smith. It was time for a change, so the Chili Peppers recruited a new producer, who convinced Smith to rethink his approach to crafting drum parts, and helped create the band’s most unusual album to date.
  • Matt Wilson’s Track By Track. The crafty left-of-center jazzer walks us through Beginning Of A Memory.
  • What's Your Drumming IQ? Who did and who didn’t play drums with Slowhand?
  • Legal Beat. We believe the jury made the right decision in the Led Zeppelin plagiarism lawsuit.
  • P.O.V. The most important things to know about playing in a band.
  • Pump It Up. Don’t sit in the van munching cheeseburgers. Use these tips to stay in shape on the road.
  • Mike Miley. Readers kept asking us to feature the drummer with Rival Sons. We finally heard you. He rocks.
  • Jeffery “Jellybean” Alexander. Discover why Alexander became the drummer of choice for the latest release from blues legend Bobby Rush.
  • 2016 Sticks & Heads Gear Guide. We run down the newest and coolest tools to help you sound your best.
  • The Business Of Drumming. To be a professional drummer you need to act like a professional drummer with these 12 timeless tips.
  • Girl Power! Meet the chops champs of the international 2016 Hit Like A Girl competition.
  • Leon Mobley. It’s a brand new day for Mobley and his fellow Innocent Criminals now that Ben Harper got the band back together.
  • Locking In Clave. Try these three exercises to sharpen your polyrhythmic timing while building conga coordination.
  • Home Studio Shortcuts. Time is money, even if you record in your living room. So here are ten tips to streamline tracking.
  • Dialed In. Roland created the ultimate percussive hybrid with the ELCajon EC-10. We couldn’t wait to get our mitts on one.
  • Gretsch USA Custom Snares
  • Paiste 2002 Black Big Beat Cymbals
  • Jason Bittner Drum Parts. The metal maestro analyzes his performance on “Monkey Wrench” from Flotsam And Jetsam’s new release.
  • Fusion Lesson. Challenge your chops with this classic Cobham fill.

Text Format PDF, 100 pages

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