DRUM magazine January 2015 PDF

DRUM! January 2015 (#223)

Jun 2, 2021

DRUM magazine January 2015 PDF download. The most fanatical drumming magazine on the planet. DRUM! is an educational drumming magazine. It features artist profiles, product reviews, lessons and advanced transcriptions covering rock, pop and related styles of music. In the 1990s it gained a reputation for its coverage of younger drummers in contemporary styles such as punk, rap-rock, and metal. It was the first magazine to feature artists such as Tre Cool (Green Day), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Travis Barker (Blink-182) and others on its covers.
A typical issue of DRUM! includes artist features and in-depth stories on topics such as playing techniques or new products. Additionally, it includes reviews of new recordings and drum products (cymbals, drums, hardware), short news items, career and health tips, and challenging lessons.

DRUM magazine January 2015 (#223) contents:

  • Simon Phillips. After providing a powerhouse punch to the biggest names in rock, the soft-spoken Englishman is ready to chase the muse and focus on his original love for jazz.
  • David Garibaldi. Discover how the sudden appearance of a long buried, pristine 1974 board tape led to the release of the Latest Tower Of Power live album.
  • Johnny Radelat. With guitar-slinger Gary Clark Jr. scorching the charts, Radelat and company are the latest hot trio from the fertile Austin blues scene.
  • Javier Cabanillas. After quickly ascending the ladder of San Francisco’s vibrant Latin percussion scene, Cabanillas finds himself with just one problem: Not enough hours in the day.
  • Natal Bubinga Drum Kit
  • Get Ready! Aaron Comess outlines six beats you must know; Gil Sharone introduces us to ska; Matt Byrne shares a wicked warm-up; and Danny Gottlieb explores the sound of ECM.
  • Freeware? Free There! Before investing in high-dollar audio plugins for your home project studio, test-drive these free software compressors, equalizers, synthesizers, reverbs, and distortion units.
  • Alesis DM Dock
  • Workshop: Triplet Fills With Hands & Feet. Master the riff Max Roach, Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, John Bonham, Neil Peart, Travis Barker, Steve Gadd, and Steve Smith used, each in a slightly different way.
  • George Sluppick, Scott Amendola, Daniel Erlandsson, Mauricio Zottarelli, and Tony Braunagel bemoan their worst drum sounds.
  • How I Got The Gig. Matt Duckworth couldn’t have been in a better place at a better time when Flaming Lips began looking for a new drummer.
  • Legal Beat. Find out why drummers tend to get the shaft while singers and guitarists reap the royalties.
  • New Blood. Meet William Hicks and Bryan Carter, two young monsters you will soon hear a lot more about.
  • Drum Care. You should never tune your toms, snare, and bass drum the exact same way. Here are our tips for each part of your kit.
  • You Are What You Eat. Let’s just put it this way — if you’re a dude you should eat lots of tomatoes.
  • Moment In History. Since hindsight is 20/20, we now know Keith Moon was a far more calculating drummer than first imagined.

Text Format PDF, 84 pages

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