Doyle Dykes Virtuoso Fingerstyle Guitar PDF

Doyle Dykes - Virtuoso Fingerstyle Guitar

Aug 9, 2022

Doyle Dykes Virtuoso Fingerstyle Guitar PDF. To anybody interested in the possibilities of the fingerstyle guitar, Doyle Dykes needs no introduction. His spectacular technique combines the techniques of Jazz, Country, Bluegrass and more to create a startling performance style that embraces Chet Atkins, Martin Taylor, Duane Eddy and others. Like Taylor, Dykes makes the seemingly impossible appear effortless - a veritable one-man-ensemble, his arrangements feature basslines, vamps, comping and melodic soloing simultaneously in a dazzling blur of virtuosic finger-work.
In this celebratory set of transcriptions, Jon Chappell provides a complete overview of the Doyle Dykes style and technique. Alongside 17 complete transcriptions in accurate Guitar tab you will find an informative biography and a detailed lesson covering the unique aspects of Doyle's remarkable talent.
A CD is included featuring full performances of every piece included in the book.
If you've ever heard Doyle Dykes play, you know what an incredible talent he is. This book can point you in the direction if you want to try and learn some of his songs. It comes with a CD so you can hear what you're trying to play. Note that this isn't for beginners. It's a great view into alternate tunings and you can learn lots from it.
Many fingerstyle guitar players will find these songs beyond their abilities. You can't get better unless you strech yourself. Many guitar players become discouraged because they want to be able to start a recording of the song and play along with it. They end up getting frustrated and quit. But, many of Doyle's songs still sound GREAT when played at a slower tempo and become much more easy to play. This book is a tribute to one of the greatest fingerstyle legends of all time. It was Doyle Dykes that was asked to play guitar at Chet Atkins funeral.

Songs include:

  • Angels' Desire
  • Birmingham Steele
  • Caleb's Report
  • Country Fried Pickin'
  • Girl
  • Howling Of The Wood
  • Martha's Kitchen
  • Miss Haley's Music Box
  • Misty Nights In Tokyo
  • Self Portrait On Acoustic Guitar
  • The Changing Of The Guard
  • The Jawbone
  • The Road Back Home
  • The Visitation
  • Wabash Cannonball

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 139 pages

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