Doug Doppler - Whammy Bar Mojo: Licks & Tricks

Doug Doppler - Whammy Bar Mojo: Licks & Tricks

Feb 3, 2020

Doug Doppler helps you learn the building blocks of great Whammy Bar technique on this Guitar 411 DVD. Whammy Bar Mojo shows you how to construct and deconstruct the elements of music. Interestingly enough, much of this technique has as much to do how you get to and from the whammy bar and how you mute unwanted strings as it does using the bar itself.
The DVD starts off with a series of exercises showing you how to keep those unruly strings quiet, and then integrate the volume control into the process of taming unwanted noise that accompanies the kind of gain necessary to make most of your favorite whammy bar licks come to life.
From there you'll systematically go through the most commonly used techniques: Dives, Dive & Climbs, Dips, Vibrato, and Intervals. In addition to in-depth descriptions for how to master each of these techniques, you'll see how to play 4 licks using each of these techniques, and in turn how to place them into the 4th measure of the 1/8th note metal progression that is used repeatedly over the course of the DVD.
See how to make the transition from measure three of the rhythm to the lick, and then play that transition 4 times at 120 bpm (beats per minute). Then you'll loop the entire rhythm and the lick four times at both 120 and 140 bpm. Once you've done that for all 4 licks inside each technique, you'll play the entire progression 4 times through dropping in each of the four licks every fourth measure at both 120 and 140 bpm. The end result is that you learn not only how to play each lick and technique, but how to use them in a musical framework at a slower and faster tempo to lock in each technique - cool!
In addition to all that, there is a segment on how to change strings and get your whammy bar guitars in tune quickly, and this alone is invaluable.

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Doug Doppler - Whammy Bar Mojo: Licks & Tricks

Doug Doppler - Whammy Bar Mojo: Licks & Tricks

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4 comments on “Doug Doppler - Whammy Bar Mojo: Licks & Tricks”

  1. i am interested in learning more bar tricks
    thanks for sharing

  2. que bueno buscaba clinicas que explicaran como usar la whammy bar!!!

  3. Thanks admins for this invaluable video...Doug's Diatonic Theory & Harmony video is also excellent and jam-packed...thanks for that gem also!

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