Doug Doppler Diatonic Theory & Harmony DVD

Doug Doppler - Diatonic Theory & Harmony

Nov 19, 2022

Doug Doppler Diatonic Theory & Harmony DVD download. This DVD functions in two really unique ways. At the bottom of the page is a comprehensive list of the exercises that we will use to map the neck. In turn I will show you how use these exersices to understand how and why scales and chords function together as they do. The combination of these two approaches means that you will not only have the physical abiltiy to play in any key - up and down the neck, but you will also understand how and why things the chords and scales for the key you are in function "diatonically".
Even if you are only interested in learning how to play chords and scales in all keys, this DVD will be a real winner for you. And for those of you who want to really understand how all of these pieces function together, if you choose to believe the review from Guitar Player Magazine (to your left) I think you'll find you're in the right place...
What is Diatonic theory and why is it important to me as a gutiarist?
As a teacher, it has been one of my main goals to instill the same sort of knowledge into my students that people who have read music for years have. If you played the triads for the key of C Major on the piano, you would move up and down hitting every other white key in groups of 3 notes, if you were just voicing the chords 1,3,5. On the staff that would alternate between notes stacked on 3 adjacent lines and three adjacent spaces. In the act of reading that, pianists learn how triads are built because they have to read and play each note. If a guitarist sees a C Major chord, they know what shape to play and where to play it, and that is about it.
My job is to give guitarists a reference point to get them up to speed by learning how to construct / disect the modes, and in turn reference key scale degree numbers like the 1,3,5 from each mode to build triad/chords. Because most guitarists read charts only (if they read any music at all), using the shapes of scales compared to the major scale is a key trick to visually breaking down the differnces between each of the 7 modes based on the major scale. In turn, once you know the differences AND simimlarities, it becomes easy to construct and deconstruct chords and figure out how they fit diatonically. I have created a number of exercises that show you systematically how break down scales into their scale degree numbers, and in turn build chords off of these numbers, and simultaneously have exercises showing you how to place triads, power chords, 7 chords, (9) chords diatonically. Additionally, the accompanying audio CD features chord progressions for each of the above types of chords and in the final segment of the DVD I outline how the chord progressions are functioning diatonically, as well as what you can play over the top. If you can't apply it, I shouldn't be teaching it!

Exercises covered on Diatonic Theory and Harmony:

  • The Basics: Note Location; Meters and Subdivisions; Open Position Chords; Barre Chords
  • Core Exercises: G Minor Pentatonic in 5 Patterns; Modes (2nd Finger Root and 3 Note Per String); Triad/Chords; 7 Chords
  • Construction: Scales (Pentatonic, Modes); Arpeggios (Triads, 7); Chords (Barre, Power, Triad, 7, Sus, Add9, Stacked)
  • Chord progressions: (on both DVD and Audio CD) Open Position; Power; Barre; Triad; 7; Add 9; Sus; Stacked

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Language: English
Year: 2006
Country: USA
Running time: 02:20:00
Quality: DVDRip
Video: AVI 480x360 552 kbps 29.970 fps AR: 4:3
Audio: MP3 2 ch 124 kbps 48.0 KHz
Booklet: Yes (PDF) + Audio
Size: 818 Mb

Doug Doppler - Diatonic Theory & Harmony
Doug Doppler - Diatonic Theory & Harmony
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  1. Although my interest is in piano, I decided to download it because it seems to be good material involving scales, chords and harmony.
    Thank you very much

  2. im not able to download from the above links past 200mb, it always fails.i used the free link.kindly help.

  3. looks great, looking forward t checking it out tonight, many thanks :yourock:

  4. Doug Doppler - great video, jam tracks, and lesson plans - thank you!!

  5. Awesome video..there's a lot to learn on this video so it is definitely worth checkin out ...thanks once again Admin for a job well done.

  6. Many thanks for this It will help me a lot!!my theory is a rusty at the moment!! :sigh:

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