Don Mock Artful Arpeggios PDF

Don Mock - Artful Arpeggios

Jul 15, 2021

Don Mock Artful Arpeggios PDF. Fingerings and Applications for Guitar. Expand your playing and your imagination with these essential arpeggios! With this pack, players will learn: arpeggio fingerings; major, minor, dominant and altered dominant sounds; bi-tonal arpeggios; arpeggios from major, minor, melodic minor and harmonic minor scales; and much more! The book features standard notation and tab, and the CD includes 78 demonstration tracks.
It's a beginning to intermediate book but don't let that deter you from buying it. 1st off on the CD he talks you through what he's doing. That's very important because there will be times when you are listening without the book. 2nd, He gives you the most useful arpeggios in two positions and then tells you how to finger them on the CD. He then demonstrates practical applications for these arpeggios so you will learn some useful hands on theory. He comps in Cmaj7 for example and then solos over it using Cmaj7, Em7 and Am7 arpeggio patterns. He does something similar for Dm7 and G7 but the solos get progressively rockier and funkier with more options being explored. If you play guitar in a local rock or funk band, the last two examples will open up numerous options for your guitar soloing that you probably were not previously aware. At the very least it will get you out of that box pattern of improvising. There are also some bones to jazzers thrown in with the use of arpeggios over the V chord in a 2,5,1,6 progression to create altered dominant tensions.

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Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 43 pages

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