Don Latarski Blues Guitar Rural, Urban, and Modern Styles PDF

Don Latarski - Blues Guitar: Rural, Urban, and Modern Styles

Jun 16, 2021

Don Latarski Blues Guitar Rural, Urban, and Modern Styles PDF. A comprehensive tutorial that provides everything you'd ever need to know to develop a strong, confident and sensitive Blues Guitar style, complete with a full CD of demonstrations. Don Latarski presents a guide that takes you through every nuance of the Blues, covering techniques, songs, local variations and much more. The accompanying CD is packed with examples to help you capture the unique phrasing and characteristics of the Blues.
What is so amazing is the incredibly melodic sounds he puts together and he shows you how YOU can be MUCH more melodic in your improvising. With all too many instructors, they demonstrate musically important technical ideas in often somewhat dry guitar playing that may have 50 notes, 0-12 of which stand out as special.

  • More than 130 music examples in the styles of Blues greats
  • More than 20 complete Blues tracks for demonstration and play-along
  • Blues techniques: hammers, pull-offs, slides, vibrato and bends
  • Soloing basics
  • The blues-rock connection
  • Extended fingerings, Mixolydian mode and whole-tone sounds
  • Intros, endings and turnarounds
  • Using the 6th interval
  • Funk-Blues
  • Minor-key Blues

He instructs to make every single note count and have emotion invested into each and every note. You can REALLY hear him do it in his examples, even those that you would have scoffed at as being too simple by looking at the tab alone. When every note counts, you can really hear and feel the emotions and sounds of different juxtapositions of notes against chords, notes within a certain measure,notes within the total composition, etc.
If you are lucky enough to have stumbled across this book, you are fortunate to have found the hidden gem amongst blues guitar books. Buy it if you have decided that Blues is something you are interested in.
This book covers a complete course in the blues. Organized into units the book is a little big extensive for a beginning guitarist, but is an excellent tool for growing as a musician. This book covers all the basics and with a little bit of creativity you can extend its teaching, for example from turn around A or E to a turn around in any key, etc. The chord tones are shown in the Key of E for the I, IV and V chord but with a bit of work you can discover then in all the other keys and positions, the important thing is the exposure to the ideas.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

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