Don Latarski Arpeggios for Guitar PDF

Don Latarski - Arpeggios for Guitar

Mar 10, 2021

Don Latarski Arpeggios for Guitar PDF. Shows each arpeggio in five positions in a simple diagram format. For every arpeggio the corresponding chord form and scale pattern are also shown. Covers all forms of the major, minor, and dominant 7th type chords.
This is not a method book or a music book of any sort. It is a helpful aide for understanding what many of us call the "caged" system. It makes the practice of this system easy and I recommend this book for guitarist who are in the process of learning and practicing this "5 pattern" system.
If you are an advanced guitar player, you might not need this at all. If you are a rank beginner, you may need some help with the motor-mechanics and basic theoretical explanations. Other than that, I do recommend this book!
The book devotes an entire page to each of 37 types of chords. For each chord , there are 5 rows of 3 columns. There are 5 grips shown for each chord, basically covering the entire fretboard. The first column shows a chord voicing, including numbering the scale degrees. The second column shows the arpeggios, again with scale degrees. The third column shows the scale type + mode that corresponds to the chord.
At first glance this book looks like a bunch of mumbo jumbo. But take a closer look and you will see that this is one of the best ways to completely memorize the fretboard in a short amount of time. The best part of this book is that it shows the chord, arpeggio, and scale. So Not only are you a great book of arpeggios, but also scales and chords as well (In all the shapes and patterns).
This book is probably a new guitarist's first step in learning how to play jazz guitar. You need to learn bar chords. From there, you can learn any kind of chord known to man/woman. After learning all the chords presented in this book, you can learn a basic scale attached to each chord. This scale is a jazz guitarist's first step to learning solo techniques. After mechanically playing each scale from the 6th to the 1st string, you'll need to learn how to mechanically play or combine four or five scale patterns together so you can play up and down the neck. Once you've figured out how to play (mechanically) up and down the neck (on each chord) you can solo over a certain key per song. The only problem is that you're playing mechanically. A good remedy for this problem is the arpeggio - hence, the title of this book. Once you've learned all the chords and the scales attached to each chord, start learning the arpeggios. An arpeggio gives you an alternate way of playing each scale. The more arpeggios you know, per scale, the better off you are.

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Format: PDF, 48 pages

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