Don Baker Beginning Blues Harp PDF

Don Baker - Beginning Blues Harp

Sep 19, 2022

Don Baker Beginning Blues Harp PDF. Includes CD! Learn blues-style harmonica with one of the world's greatest players. Discover the techniques of cross-playing, note bending, triplet tonguing, and tone control, plus lots of blues riffs and solos you can hear performed on the matching CD.
The book has some useful stuff and it does have music notation mixed with the usual draw-blow notation used for harmonica. And the section on bending notes is excellent - it has practice riffs that test your ability to bend the note down halves and whole notes. There is even a one-hole three-note bent riff. Nice to learn. And the theory is better explained than in some books plus the written-out musical notation blues songs are great.
It is definitely not for absolute beginners. Don's teaching style on the included CD is excellent, it's just like having a private teacher right next to you. This book/CD concentrates on note bending, the essential technique for playing the blues. Each bent note is treated as a separate lesson, along with a little tune to play featuring that note. These exercises make the learning process quite enjoyable. It should take about a month or more of serious study to fully absorb this book.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 62 pages

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