Dom Famularo It's Your Move Motions and Emotions PDF

Dom Famularo - It's Your Move: Motions and Emotions

Jun 11, 2021

Dom Famularo It's Your Move Motions and Emotions PDF. It's Your Move is about achieving your maximum potential as a player. This book is the culmination of questions that have been asked of Dom Famularo during his private teaching career for 30 years, many masterclasses, clinics, large drum expos, and 40 years of professional playing.
The exercises contained in this book are vignettes to spark fun and creativity. This book is for your hands and your feet, on the drum pad and the drum set. It will help you better understand the ability of your hands and feet. The title of the book means it's up to you and your desire be a better.
Dom Famularo is very serious about techniques development who has studied with Jim Chapin, Al Miller, Joe Morello, Colin Bailey and etc.  It consists of more than 20 exercises Dom has come up since he first started teaching many years ago. It will not only help you with your chops but also develop your style, drum vocabulary, coordination, precision... in your own performance need. Dom's advice in the book: Seek out an instructor.
This book is separated into two sections: Technique -The Foundation and Performance Exercises.
In section 1, Dom shows you the 2 kinds of stroke that will revolutionalize your chops - the Free Stroke and the Moeller Stroke. It comes with exercises, detail explanation, many clear illustrations and a "flipbook box" in which you can "watch" the stroke in action by flipping the book quickly.
In section 2, Dom talks about the skills that are essential to drum set performance.
More specifically, it is about the concepts (free stroke and moeller included) that can bring your playing to the level of utmost control, speed, power and control of your hands - and goes into great depth in text about them, its benefits and also includes helpful pictures. Dom not only brings it altogether (hand technique) via the aforementioned, but adds to it by putting his own development for modern playing (half and full moeller).
Explanation of ergonomic concepts such as efficiency, economy of motion, effectiveness and relaxation are also very helpful. The text also includes practice tips and interesting history.
This is a great book on drumming technique, and it is good for beginners, so that they get exposed to and can start using efficient strokes right away. Famularo goes into the physical methods of making the strokes that he covers in minute detail.


  • 2 To 50 Warm-up Exercise
  • Combination Exercises
  • Conclusion
  • Drumistic From
  • Drum-set Key
  • Exercise For The Free Stroke
  • Flam Facility
  • From Flam To Groove
  • General Technique
  • Groove Facility
  • Intervention Of Flams
  • Moeller Stroke
  • Odd Feelings
  • Power Stroke
  • Precision Test
  • Pumping Motion
  • Section 1: Technique - The Foundation
  • Section 2 - Performance Exercises
  • Set Up The Single Stroke
  • Seven-note Grouping Using Sixteenth Notes
  • Shuffle The Four-stroke
  • Shuffling The Sixteenths
  • Slight Of Hand
  • Some Ruff Exercises
  • The Four-stroke Ruff
  • The Free Stroke
  • The Weaker Side
  • Time Best
  • Upstrokes And Downstrokes

Format: PDF, 94 pages

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