Dave Weckl Ultimate Play Along Level 1, Volume 1 PDF

Dave Weckl - Ultimate Play Along: Level 1, Volume 1

Jul 1, 2022

Dave Weckl Ultimate Play Along Level 1, Volume 1 PDF. A truly exceptional package allowing the beginner to intermediate drummer to practice with a pre-recorded band. The seven tracks cover a wide range of styles such as straight eighths, sixteenth feel, rock shuffle, rock ballad, Latin, straight-ahead jazz, and rock & roll. Includes a "roadmap" chart for each tune. The charts are the real deal, and Dave treats you as a peer as he prepares you to run the charts. The tunes are widely varied and it's a blast to play with these GREAT players! Really, this one is one of the best!
This one (Volume 1) has a great range of styles Straight Eights, Shuffle, Sixteenths are found on both volumes 1 and 2 however with different tempos and feel. This volume has more of a "programmed" accompaniment. In other words, a lot of the bass tracks are synthesized. However, it's still a great tool to learn how to approach the various styles of music.
I really recommend this package to the beginner, semi-pro, even the pros. if you want to improve your chart reading, groove and timing then this package is for you. I actually prefer this one over Tommy Igoe's 'Groove essentials'. The tracks are seriously funky and make great listening.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 10 pages

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6 comments on “Dave Weckl - Ultimate Play Along: Level 1, Volume 1”

  1. thanks a lot! Dave Weckl is the best drummer. Thank you for the book

  2. Thanks. Awesome play-alongs. Thank you faststrings :drummer:

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