Dave Celentano Over the Top PDF

Dave Celentano - Over the Top

Mar 17, 2021

Dave Celentano Over the Top PDF. A new book/CD pack by Dave Celentano for guitarists who want to concentrate on their 2-hand tapping technique. This book is absolutely insane. The ideas presented in this book are alot more difficult and complex than your average Eruption tapping. With that being said, you should only get this book if you are serious about tapping and intend to use more than your index or middle finger.
The ideas sound very good and this is the book but be warned, you should only get this book if you have mastered single finger tapping and if you have tons of time on your hands cause it will take ALOT of time to master this material.
If you're serious about tapping, this is the book you want. But, you'll have to employ 8 fingers for the tapping examples in this book. If you're not serious about tapping, don't bother getting this book, you'll just get depressed. At times, some of the techniques can seem overwhelming, but stick with it and you'll be composing some awesome material based on the ideas you'll glean from this book. But again, be forewarned that the examples aren't easy to master. True, some of the examples are easy, but the majority take time, patience, and a lot of practice to master. If you're up for the challenge and want to employ advanced tapping to your style, get this book. You won't regret it. Increase your speed with Dave Celentano Flying Fingers

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 30 pages

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7 comments on “Dave Celentano - Over the Top”

  1. por alguna razon no puedo ver el link de descarga. Alguien puede enviarmelo a mi correo en todo caso?? Llevo mucho tiempo buscando este libro. Gracias de antemano

  2. this is a complete guide.... thnx for doin wth such a great book

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