Dave Celentano Essential Blues Guitar PDF

Dave Celentano - Essential Blues Guitar

Mar 3, 2021

Dave Celentano Essential Blues Guitar PDF. Dave Celentano brings you a handy guide to playing blues guitars and takes care to emphasize the essentials of this emotive style. He includes sections on chord changes, scales, rhythms, turnarounds, phrasing, soloing and more. With a large reserve of examples and diagrams, plus 10 rhythm tracks for soloing and improvising.
This book is easy to read, attractive lay-out, excellent scale diagrams. Covers all the main relevant scales in all fingerboard positions in a simple, effective way. This book is a good practice book to play along with the cd for, but there is little insight into the mechanics that go into the solos or soloing in general. The 10 rhythm tracks have a solo that you can learn and then the track plays again and you can improvise/write your own solo. This is the best part of the book, it tells you the key and which scales sound best and you get to create your own solos. If you finished this book you will find helpful Dave Celentano Rockin Blues Licks download and review.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 74 pages

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8 comments on “Dave Celentano - Essential Blues Guitar”

  1. Hi Dave
    I bought your book a while back
    but unfortunately i broke the CD that came with it recently...
    Is the a way you could replace it?

  2. me gusta la tecnica q esta ene ste libro de blues pienso q es la mejor manera de aprender

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