Dante Agostini Preparation For Sight-Reading PDF

Dante Agostini - Preparation For Sight-Reading

Jun 11, 2022

Dante Agostini Preparation For Sight-Reading PDF. This instrument sight-reading book Is designed to familiarize the student with the rhythmic and Instrumental difficulties he will encounter In musical scores. These sight-reading studies will show the student how important It is to read music and have good technique (see the Dante Agostini 6 rudiments and 6 drum methods).
Studies for drums, Vol. 1 is necessary to work with this book. It Indicates the "right hand", "left hand" attacks, or the method of using the rudiments or scores on drums. Studies for drums, vol. 0-5 discuss techniques from beginners to professionals (see reference, cover page).

Format: PDF, 50 pages

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2 comments on “Dante Agostini - Preparation For Sight-Reading”

  1. Thankz guys, you made our life much easier.. Rgds from Montengro :drummer:

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