Dan Miller Flatpicking Essentials Volume 6 PDF

Dan Miller - Flatpicking Essentials Volume 6

Feb 15, 2024

Flatpicking Essentials Volume 6 Improvisation (Part 2) and Advanced Technique. 152 pages (and 2 audio CDs) worth of valuable information that is designed to help you take your flatpicking to the next level. Flatpicking Essentials, Volume 6 is divided into two main sections. The first section is Part II of our study of improvisation. Volume 5 introduced readers to a step-by-step free-form improv study method that we continue here in Volume 6. The improvisation section of Volume 5 introduced improvisation over various I, IV, V chord progressions using chord tones and scale notes. Volume 6 continues with the same course of study; however, chord progressions get more complicated.
An added feature of this Volume of the course is the inclusion of an appendix that will serve as an easy reference for all of the chord progressions that you were given in Volumes 5 and 6. We are also providing slow, medium, and fast back up tracks for all of these progressions.
The second section of this book is focused on advanced flatpicking technique. We approached this topic by first having Tim May record "advanced level" improvisations for nineteen different flatpicking tunes. Tim selected the tunes and went into the studio with a list of techniques, like the use of triplets, natural and false harmonics, note bending, quoting, alternate tuning, syncopation, twin guitar, minor key tunes, hybrid picking, advanced crosspicking, string skipping, etc. Tim did a wonderful job incorporating all of these techniques into his improvisations and we discuss all of these techniques in detail in the pages that come before the first occurrence of a given technique.
In addition to introducing new techniques in this volume, Tim also did a great job introducing advanced ways of employing many of the techniques that have been presented previously in this course, such as: hammer-ons, slides, pull-offs, bends, neighboring notes (toggling), tremolo (repeated notes), chromatic runs, drones, harmonic scales, folded scales, floating, crosspicking, arpeggios, note bending, runs that move up-the-neck, etc. He pulls it all together here and really takes out all the stops. If you are looking for interesting ways to spice up your bluegrass songs and fiddle tunes, you will definitely find them here in this volume.
In addition to the "advanced" techniques discussed above, Tim also adds more complex timing and dynamic elements to his arrangements, as well as more complex note choices. As you will discover when you read our synopsis of each tune in the Advance Technique section, Tim makes good use of diminished, maj7th, 9th, 11th, and 13th chords and arpeggios. We will not really get into a discussion of these chords and arpeggios until Volume 7 of this course. However, we felt like introducing you to these chords and arpeggios here in this volume would give you a good sense of how these note choices can be useful to you in terms of practical usage in standard flatpicking tunes.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 158 pages

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