Dan Miller Flatpicking Essentials Volume 5 PDF

Dan Miller - Flatpicking Essentials Volume 5

Dec 15, 2023

Dan Miller Flatpicking Essentials Volume 5 PDF. Improvisation and Style Studies. Improvisation is one of those things that flatpickers always ask about at workshops and seminars. It is one of those mysterious and elusive concepts that is hard for many people to grasp. In this Volume of the Flatpicking Essentials series authors Dan Miller and Tim May take away the mystery by presenting a step-by-step gradual learning method that will have you improvising immediately and then build your skill slowly and steadily. By the end of this book you will have the confidence and the skill to step out and start improvising at your next jam session.
The method used in this book works off of a two-part approach, the first is from the blues perspective, working with the minor pentatonic scale. The second approach works more with root notes and chord tones as a basis. Many Jazz players work with this structure for learning improvisation. Tim May has developed a similar approach for flatpicking and bluegrass. Flatpicking Essentials Volume 5: Improvisation and Style Studies presents both the blues approach and the root note/chord tone method, and the many exercises and examples associated with both, as vehicles to get you very comfortable with improvisation. Also included are many practice tracks that will help you build your improvisational skills. This book presents a very accessible and systematic approach to learning how to improvise.
In the Flatpicking Essentials series, the approach to teaching anything is to build gradually and move step-by-step so that the student can achieve success at each step, and each step builds upon the previous one. The approach to teaching improvisation in Volume 5 of the Flatpicking Essentials series will build your improvisational skills gradually, without frustration.
In addition to the extensive improvisation section, part 2 of this book includes "Style Studies" that are focused on the "founding fathers" of flatpicking: Doc Watson, Norman Blake, Clarence White, Tony Rice, and Dan Crary. This section of the book profiles elements of each of these player's flatpicking styles, and then teaches you how to work those style elements into your own solos by giving you many song and fiddle tune examples.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 166 pages

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