Dan Fox The Rhythm Bible PDF

Dan Fox - The Rhythm Bible

Aug 1, 2021

Dan Fox The Rhythm Bible PDF. Whether you're a student or professional, a jazz player, rocker, or salsa enthusiast, performing today's music can be challenging. Developed by the author during a lifetime spent as an arranger and performer, this unique, well-planned book, trains musicians to understand and perform the most complex rhythms at sight. It contains well over 1,000 examples of rhythmic figures common in jazz, rock, Latin, blues, funk and other styles. The CD demonstrates rhythms from throughout the book performed in a variety of feels.
This book has over 1000 exercises. The idea is to practice them all until you become fluent in reading and counting rhythms which would be a benefit to any musician.
The text is very systematic. Working through rhythms in quarter,eighth, sixteenth notes etc. It spends a significant amount of time on triplets. Most of the book is devoted to a thorough examination of syncopation.
The book is almost entirely devoted to 4/4 rhythms. A few pages at the end cover odd time rhythms but it's no more than an introduction.
While the author does explain some of the finer points of music notation such as dotted notes, he does not provide an introduction to reading music and you will need a basic knowledge of Western music or percussion notation to use this book.
The CD only contains the first track from each group of 10 exercises.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 130 pages

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