Dale Turner – Intros, Endings and Turnarounds

Dale Turner - Intros, Endings and Turnarounds

Feb 12, 2023

Dale Turner Intros, Endings and Turnarounds PDF. In this book/CD pack, Dale Turner, teaches invaluable intros, endings and turnarounds that all the pros know and use, in jazz, blues, rock and country styles. The book includes examples in standard notation and tab, and the CD features 99 demonstration tracks. It has value for all levels. There is nothing like a good intro or ending. They are classified by style which makes them especially valuable. Take example the old classic western "El Paso". By applying Turners intro's and endings in D you can have your very own, personalized styling that will sound unique and appropriate to lovers of the song. Most of us are introduced to guitar with individual chords, then progressions. Toss in a Turner turnaround and you have 80% of a song. Add and intro and ending and you've written a whole new one!

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 44 Pages

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