Craig Lauritsen Progressive Drum Method PDF

Craig Lauritsen - Progressive Drum Method

Apr 2, 2024

Craig Lauritsen Progressive Drum Method PDF. For Beginner to Advanced A comprehensive guide to playing the drums featuring all the important Beats, Rhythms, Fills, Rudiments, Techniques and Concepts required by todays versatile performing drummer, Covers a broad range of styles including: Rock, Heavy metal, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, Rap, Go-Go/Hip-Hop, Shuffle/Blues, Odd Time and includes Solos in various styles.
Traditionally drummers have begun on the snare drum and then moved to the drum set once the hands were more developed. These days most kids want to start right on the set, the downside being that often the hands just don't get developed as they should. This book solves this conundrum by taking the traditional approach, but combines the snare drum rhythms with the bass drum on quarter notes throughout the beginning section of the book. The student is satisfied because he is on the drum set and is coordinating the foot with the hands and his hands are developing. This is actually better than the traditional approach in that the student must constantly relate the rhythm of the hands against a persistent quarter note. Counting rhythms is emphasized as it should be. There is also a nice section on the traditional rudiments for the hands before moving into the drum set section. The only short coming is that there should be some discussion or attempt to teach natural sticking, which this book - like many others - ignores. However, this is a subject a good private can address.
It's all here, everything to get started on the kit and more.
-There are the basic of basics: holding the sticks, practice tips, components of the drumset, note values and beginning sight-reading exercises.
-There are the fundamentals: syncopation lessons, stick control, rudiments, rolls, stickings, dynamics and accent studies
-There are drumset studies: bass drum/hi-hat/snare drum variations, plenty of examples in different musical styles and solos.
There are entire books devoted to any one of these aforementioned topics and here they all are in one clear, concise book with CD!!! Beginner or intermediate, you can't go wrong.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 78 pages

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  1. I really need this book in the pdf form, please how can i download it?

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